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Training School

As trainers of high performance, the goal of Sky Flyboard is to promote the sport contributing with experience.

In order to gain admission to the first experience, to know all security measures as well as positions that allow you to rise is required. Despite the fact that practice is intuitive, we train you to recon the equipment function due to find balance. First training lesson lasts roughly 20 minutes, and you have 15 minutes to show your skills.

Flyboard is a hybrid that mixes elements of acrobatic diving, snowboard, and ski. However, it is not necessary to have experience in that kind of sports. If you are older than 18 years old, and are perfectly healthy, you can join us.

Training is considered fulfill after four lessons of 30 minutes each. Once aproved your performance, you will obtain a certificate that validates the fulfillment of your training as Flyboard operator. This certificate will be required to obtain your own equipment.


Was the first argentine coach of Flyboard. He obtained the equipment in Palmas de Mallorca, Spain. During his education, he made different courses such as Instructor for Training, for which he acquired a Certificate in RCP, First Aid and Training in Navigator Safety. He is an expert in Flyboard Coach Guidelines, and its proceedings. Nowadays, he takes part in different exhibitions and is training for the next Flyboard World Championship, Qatar 2013.


Is a team memeber since its beginings. He is a specialist on aerial twirls, and is one of the coaches that shares with Martin the passion for this sport, teaching positions and the security rules required for beginners.

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